Dr.Yousef A. Elyaman, IFMCP

Dr. Yousef A. Elyaman is a board-certified Internist with a cross specialization in Pediatrics. He desired to provide patients with the utmost quality of care and so he continued his education at the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Elyaman became board-certified in the field of Functional Medicine and was part of the first graduating class worldwide to achieve this new and distinct accreditation.

Dr. Elyaman, also known as Dr. E, founded Absolute Health in 2006, bringing his unique approach to healthcare to the families of Ocala and its surrounding communities. The comprehensive treatment plans implemented by Dr. E, further distinguish him from most conventional family doctors and internists. Dr. E incorporates the latest in modern medicine as well as natural and alternative treatments including methods found to contribute significantly to overall health and well-being. He believes,

“Just because a treatment may not have been created in a billion-dollar pharmaceutical lab, does not mean that we should overlook its benefits and not take advantage of them”.

According to his experience, in many cases, something as simple as altering a patient’s food plan, adding a nutritional supplement, or improving sleep habits can make a world of difference. Unfortunately, patients are over-medicated and unaware of alternative treatments. Dr. E has used both approaches to find the solution to health problems. These solutions cannot nor will not always be found at the bottom of a prescription bottle.” He regards being a doctor as a sacred trust and responsibility and therefore, holds himself to the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence.

Dr. E is very meticulous and initiative-taking in learning a patient’s medical history—including the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors to develop an effective strategy towards the goal of long-term health.” He considers patient education and patient involvement to be equally important. In his experience,

“When a patient truly understands the reasons, they are not feeling well and they understand how to improve their condition(s), they feel empowered and tend to act with determination.”