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***Adrenal Essentials

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Adrenal Essentials is formulated to support the body’s efforts in adrenal hormone production and energy generation. It provides activated B vitamins, vitamin C, and L-Carnitine, as well as Bio-Perine to support nutrient absorption. The Quatrefolic form of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate is present for optimal Folate bio-availability. L-Carnitine enhances activation of pantothenate kinase- the first, most critical enzyme involved in the metabolic conversion of pantothenic acid to coenzyme A.


• Supports Adrenal Hormone Synthesis*
• Supports Adrenal Physiological Functions*
• Supports Energy Production*


Take one capsule twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Children and pregnant or lactating women should consult their healthcare practitioner prior to use. Do not use if tamper seal is damaged.

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